Soft  Touch  Car  Wash                     4wARD, llc

1133 Horicon St. mayville WI 53050 us

Change History

Up and Coming

- Install wet/dry vacuum system in East Manual Bay.

- Add a closed sign for the Auto Bay to front of building.

- Move vendor machine by vacuum. 

- Add display vending machine to front of building


- Air added to East Manual Bay

- Install multiple security cameras. 

- Install plastic walls in the East Manual Bay.

- Add vendor machine to East Manual Bay.

- Install drain in apron approach by Manual Bay entrances. 

- Installed dryer timer in Auto Bay.

- Underbody Flush hooked installed in Auto Bay.

- Upgraded Foam bath soap in Auto Bay.

- Install new face-plate on kiosk for Auto Bay.

- New LED lights in Manual Bays.

- PLEASE PULL AHEAD to respect those who are waiting sign.


- New green ENTER lights in Auto Bay.

- Upgrade wash selector in East Manual Bay.

​- Installed a treadleless car sensor in Auto Bay.

- Dog wash with super-vac and blow dryer.